Zen Shiatsu

Traditional Japanese body work treatment. Relaxing and therapeutic pressure point stimulation, working directly on the meridians, natural energy pathways of the body. Using appropriate pressure with hands thumbs & elbows creates a very relaxing massage.
Shiatsu restores balance to the body & relieves symptoms of illness, muscle strain, tightness and much more. Shiatsu relaxes the body, boosts your immune system, it works directly on the blood & lymph systems of the body, enhancing your Qi and vitality and creating a state of balance. Based on ancient oriental principals of traditional Chinese medicine – tongue pulse & hara energy diagnosis.
All treatments are focused on an individual basis. Shiatsu helps – Increase energy levels – Relieve stress related conditions also Headaches / Migraines – Sciatica – Menstrual problems – Boosts immune system – Improves posture – Improves digestion, circulation. Helps insomnia, depression/anxiety, great for injuries and muscle pain.

Shiatsu harmonises body mind & spirit.