You are just amazing!
Along with your background of Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Bowen work, Bars, Chinese medicine and THETA, (your integrated approach as to what is required for the individual in front of you)  your specialty being the clarity of a natural talent and ability you have to “see” into the body and get ‘clear readings’ on the blockages whether it be physical or from another cause are astounding.
I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for myself and my family over the months.. years I have been in contact with you at this professional level.
I am so appreciative of your ability to also do distance readings and being able to connect in and ‘sort out’ the trauma as it happens instead of waiting for an appropriate time for both of us for a personal  clinic visit.
I highly recommend you to any person who is wanting to get to the bottom of their problem- physical emotional or soul level, this life time or something else, to CHANGE what is happening in their live.
With affection and appreciation, love and light always.  Sandra

55 years of abusing my body by Chuck:
Football, shearing, landscaping, building and the odd motor vehicle accident combined to give me 30 plus years of back problems and pain.
Convincing my Wife that the Canberra cold was contributing to my constant pain and becoming a “grumpy old man” was a great move.
Nearly 12 months has passed and we are now happily settled in Tinbeerwah running our Cyclamen nursery.
Some things in life are just meant to be and being referred to Sharon by good friends was a “God send”. NO more back pain and a beautiful new friend!
I highly recommend Sharon’s professional healing abilities.

Fixer upper lady
Sharon has been my therapist for the past 3 years. She has fixed heaps of ailments, problems and has guided me with supplements diet and exercise, She is my fixer upper lady and I have recommended her to many friends and colleagues as she is really good and in tune. Sharon was born to heal; she is a legend!‘ – Andrea Rudd, Rudd’s Swim School Noosa

No more pain
‚I have suffered with long term sciatic and frozen shoulder pain.
I was referred to Sharon whom fixed both problems in just two treatments.
The pain has never come back‘ – Glenn McHugh, Publican

Family Therapist
Sharon has performed Shiatsu Acupuncture and Bowen therapy on me, my husband and young children . Due to the amazing results I have referred various extended family members to Sharon. We will continue to use Sharon’s expertise, as her skills in all these areas, plus her intuition makes her an excellent healer‘ – Michelle Hurst

A blessing for my family
Sharon is a blessing for my family with her wealth of natural healing knowledge. Her talent and skills in applying this knowledge have always filled me with awe.
I had the pleasure of completing an Essential Oils Emotional Clearing Technique workshop with Sharon. I was unsure of what I would gain from this workshop, as I had very little knowledge or understanding of ECT and the powerful effect it can have on our healing process.
With pleasant company and beautiful surroundings, I not only gained the knowledge and understanding of ECT & Essential Oils. I also experienced the effects they can have on my own healing processes. My own powers of self healing have gained momentum since completing the workshop with Sharon. I am more aware of my emotions, their deeper meaning and how to embrace them for positive changes. I have also gained the skills, knowledge & tools to heal my own children and help them to understand their emotions and recognise how they can use them as positive healing tools.
The therapeutic grade essential oils used in the workshop are of a profound high quality. I have purchased some of the oils from Sharon and used them personally for a range of ailments. Together with Sharon’s advice, they have proved to be of great benefit to myself and my family. I often look back on the booklet provided and my notes from the workshop, as it provides great information and insight.
I highly recommend Sharon, her ECT workshops and the Young Living essential oils to anyone & everyone that wants to take positive steps with their health & wellbeing.
Nari Lindsay

Highly recommended
I have had various treatments with Sharon over the last 5 years and recommend her highly.
Sharon is very professional and has the capacity to tune in to your energy thus bringing
immediate  rebalancing and healing for your body and soul.  Apart from treating you with the various modalities of Acupuncture Bowen, Shiatsu, Theta healing and utilising the Young Living Oils
Sharon also does courses on the wonderful benefits of using the oils. I have attended this
course and recommend anyone who wishes to learn to improve their own wellbeing to come
and do a course with Sharon.  She has a lot to share and give.
Monika Sheridan

Beautiful unique individual
“Sharon is such a blessed individual and a blessing to have on the Sunshine coast.
She is incredibly astute, gifted and thoroughly engages herself in your wellness to promote the healing you need. I would recommend Sharon to anyone needing change that requires quick action as well as anyone requiring layer upon layer to be unravelled in such a way as to blossom further into the beautiful and unique individual that you are and can become.  Thank you Sharon”.

Gifted holistic care

I first came to Sharon for Bowen therapy. I knew I was quite sick and discovered I had breast cancer . I had surgery and then followed with the Theta healing to deal with the underlying loss , grief and depression . It has been an amazing journey uncovering and healing layers of emotional pain from many different times in my life. Sharon has been truly gifted in healing and transforming myself , a dear friend and his son , my friend’s house and my grand daughter.
My house overseas needed deep healing too and I know my visit there in a few weeks will be so different from past visits. I now know that it is our deepest beliefs, attitudes and expectations that dictate our life experience.
Through the Theta healing my old beliefs have been transformed and the blockages dissolved on a cellular and soul level to allow the life I truly desire. Theta is uniquely powerful and direct in either face to face or distant healing.
Carole M